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Do you only reproduce wallpapers for museums and historic houses?

While we are known for our authentic reproductions for museum houses, we do work for private home owners who have a special affinity for the past.

I have an old piece of beautiful wallpaper that I found in my grandmother’s attic. Is this something that would be worth having reproduced or could I find it at the store?

Wallpapers that are available in the stores today generally are only available for 3 years so the chances of finding the one you found in your grandmother’s attic are not good. Reproducing a paper from an original print is one of the easiest ways to recreate an old paper.

I only have scraps of a particular wallpaper and not the whole design. Can this still be reproduced?

When there is incomplete evidence of the design we do research to find the original paper, if possible, through our archival sources. If we cannot do this we research similar patterns from the same period to inform our recreation.

We are restoring our house museum (or my family home) and found an old photograph from a family photo album of a room with a wallpaper that we would like to use. Is this possible?

Yes! One of our specialty services is recreating papers from photographic evidence. The colors are determined by analyzing any other available evidence such as old paint or textiles. We also research similar papers of the proper period for color.

How much does it cost to reproduce an antique wallpaper?

There are three main factors that determine the cost of reproducing an antique wallpaper. First is the quality of the evidence we have to start with. Second is the number of colors in a design. And third is the way in which the paper will be printed (i.e., block printing, surface printing, screen printing, digital printing etc.) Because of these variables each job is unique. We would be happy to review your evidence and give you a quote.

Can I order more of the same paper after I have already received an order?

Of course we would be happy to make additional paper for you. However, if you expect to need more it is best to order the total amount you need for your job plus an additional “cushion” amount in case of future damage. Every time a job is printed there are base costs for each new run and we cannot guarantee a perfect match to color from run to run.

How long does the process of having a paper reproduced take?

This depends on the original source materials we have to start with and the way the job will be printed. Digitally reproduced papers usually take the least amount of time and the other extreme of block printing can be the most time consuming. We have completed jobs from start to finish in 3 months and we have had jobs take as much as a year to complete.

How old does a wallpaper have to be to be considered historic?

We have reproduced papers that were over 200 years old. Usually “antique” status is given to something over 50 years old but we have reproduced papers from the 1960’s and 1970’s as well simply because they were important to our clients. Our services are available for any reproduction. Age is not necessarily the determining factor. If it is not available in stores it is possible to recreate it!

Do custom wallpapers require special care?

The substrates and inks that are used are the same or better than the papers available through the most exclusive interior designers. However like all very fine papers, ours do not come pre-trimmed (although you can request it) so they should be hung by only very experienced paper hangers.

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